The Piana del Sele IGP rocket is the star of the new contest “Vegetable Revolution”

The Piana del Sele IGP rocket is the star of the new contest “Vegetable Revolution”

In recent years, the vegetable revolution has been changing the way we eat. Ethics, sustainability, and health are central themes in the modern world, and even more so in food. A trend that even large industries are embracing: new ingredients and techniques are slowly becoming popular in the homes of millions of consumers.

In this scenario, the Piana del Sele IGP rocket has become one of the flagship products of the area, so much so that it can be defined as “green gold”. After receiving the prestigious IGP label in August 2020, this vegetable, once used as a side dish, has become the main protagonist of the table. Arugula, low in calories and rich in vitamin C, provitamin A, calcium, and vitamin K, is known for its beneficial antioxidant effects and is able to counteract the harmful action of free radicals.

The Piana del Sele IGP rocket is the protagonist of “Vegetable Revolution”, a project created by 50 Top Italy in collaboration with Altamura OP, producers of “IV range” products, specializing in the cultivation of baby leaf salads including the Piana del Sele IGP arugula, and the Dolce & Salato school of Maddaloni.

50 Top Italy, always close to young people who approach this work, will reward creativity in a collective experiment that aims to discover the potential of Piana del Sele IGP arugula in cooking and is aimed at young professionals of the future.

Students of the Dolce & Salato school are allowed to participate in the initiative by creating a recipe, either sweet or savory, that includes the Piana del Sele IGP arugula.

The recipes will be sent to the editorial staff of 50 Top Italy, at, included in a Word document containing ingredients and quantities, detailed preparation instructions, and must be accompanied by two photos (one with a horizontal frame and one with a vertical frame) and a vertical video, up to a maximum duration of 60 seconds, showing the preparation process.

The recipes will be published on the Luciano Pignataro Wine & Food Blog and will be judged in the final tasting phase by a panel of experts, who will determine the first winner of the “Vegetable Revolution” project.

By participating in the initiative, participants authorize the publication of photos, videos, and recipes, always citing the author and the project, on the websites,,, and on their respective social media pages.