The importance of agriculture 4.0 in salad cultivation


The importance of agriculture 4.0 in salad cultivation

The farms that practice it employ a series of tools, interconnected and synergistic, with the aim of making their production not only more efficient but also more sustainable. Here is agriculture 4.0 which, in a sector not always open to innovation in which compliance with the usual techniques is perceived as a value not to be betrayed, is increasingly gaining ground. If, until recently, information technologies and the cultivation of the earth were considered opposite and antithetical universes, today the connection between these two worlds exists and is gradually becoming more rooted.

That link is represented precisely by agriculture 4.0, or as it is also called precision agriculture, which, to date, is establishing itself as a strategic lever in the Italian agri-food sector. But what are its advantages? How is this type of approach to cultivation able to preserve the environment? What is the positive impact on crops in general and, in particular, on those of consumer products, such as salads? Below is a series of useful information to learn more about this precious ally of the land and the table, which allows those who work in the sector to do better and with innovative methods, what has always been done according to tradition.

Aware, efficient, democratic: this is agriculture 4.0

Agriculture 4.0 refers to the evolution of the so-called precision agriculture. It is achieved through the use of digital information technologies, precisely 4.0, which provide a solid support to the producer in the decision-making process relating to his business and to the relationship with other subjects in the supply chain which, thanks to them, becomes more efficient and sustainable.

The goal, therefore, is to increase on the one hand profit but also sustainability understood as environmental and economic but also social.

In concrete terms, starting from the physical and biochemical characteristics of the soil, the application of agriculture 4.0 allows a studied and provident management of crops, from sowing, to harvesting, to distribution. This, allowing to prevent, for example, risk factors for crops or to calculate, in a precise manner; to identify the water requirement necessary for a given crop to grow healthy and luxuriant, reducing all forms of waste; to achieve significant savings on supplies and the use of machinery.

Agriculture 4.0 is for everyone, but in order for a company to get the best out of it, it is essential for a company to invest in staff training, developing new and specific skills, in order to achieve the set objectives and encourage more and more employment and more and more aware of it.

Salads 4.0: good, healthy and traceable

In addition to the factors relating to the management of the crop and its supply chain, the advantage of agriculture 4.0, which stands as sustainable agriculture in all respects, is that which is found on the products obtained from it. In fact, their inclusion in a high-tech supply chain ensures that they keep their nutritional and organoleptic properties intact, benefiting not only the crops but also the health of consumers.

In the case of the salads of the fourth range, this undoubtedly represents an added value. Present now in all homes, they represent the emblem of practicality. In an age when time is marked by rhythms other than those of nature, having a salad “ready” to be enjoyed at hand is possible for everyone. But if that salad comes from a 4.0 crop, in which all the processes are traceable and certain, then the benefit will be far greater. On our table we will bring not only quality, but also sustainability, awareness, respect for the environment.

From bulk to packaged products, our entire production line is based on these values ​​that we are committed to implementing at every stage: from the earth to the table.