Ho. re. ca. / catering

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Aimed at food professionals in the Catering sector.

Ho.re.ca. stands for “Hotellerie-Restaurant-Catering” and differs from the large-scale retail trade and wholesale trade channel. Ho. re. ca. also marks a distinction between non-domestic food products and those destined for domestic consumption. Attentive to the new market trends, the Ho. re. ca. is in step with the times in understanding and satisfying the needs of consumers and those who work in the world of food. At Altamura, we mainly address Catering.
We adhere to the Ho. re. ca. programme because it is only possible to achieve excellence by using quality products and sharing experiences and knowledge. High-quality products To ensure customised services for purchases and guarantee a rapid and widespread distribution system.

(500 g)

polystyrene box
(500 g, 800 g, 1 kg)

carton box