Distretto Agro-alimentare di Qualità Piana del Sele: a new development opportunity for the territory

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Distretto Agro-alimentare di Qualità Piana del Sele: a new development opportunity for the territory

The new Distretto Agro-alimentare di Qualità Piana del Sele has been founded, bringing together two Campania’s excellences: Carciofo di Paestum IGP and Rucola della Piana del Sele IGP. Fabio Altamura, vice president of Altamura OP, also joins the District Council. Alfonso Esposito was elected to the presidency, with Vito Busillo at his side in the role of vice president.

The district will be composed of two consortia for artichoke and rocket’s protection: the cooperative company Alma Seges, Armonia OP, La Maggiolina, Italian Leaf, Banca Campania Centro, Capaccio’s BCC, Aquara’s Bcc of and Alphacom Italia srl. Together with Alfonso Altamura, also Demetrio Esposito, Paolo Mellone, Fabio Altamura, Irma Sorgente, Simone Birolini, Raffaele Palma, Giampaolo Terralavoro, Angela Santin, Aristide Valente, Annamaria Cascone, Antonio Avallone, Daniele Alfano, Santo Bellina.

«The district wants to be the main instrument of integrated planning of the territory and to represent an important driver for the development and competitiveness of the productions that characterize the Piana del Sele. We all had a great desire to come together to effectively plan important interventions and to share a strategy for the unique enhancement of our quality products, so that the district truly becomes the image of a forward-looking Piana del Sele» these are the words of the new president Alfonso Esposito.

As Vito Busillo, president of Coldiretti Salerno, points out, the district represents an important development opportunity for local companies, thanks to the possibility of establishing a network between the various production companies and obtaining EU funds: «At this historic time, institutions, companies, economic and social forces must work together for the territories’ growth. The district can be a further step for a harmonious development of the Piana del Sele, which focuses on the quality of production to develop work, knowledge, economy and new opportunities».